CAPTO Putt Lab

New cutting edge technology for detailed, accurate and reliable putting parameters provides complete analysis of your stroke. CAPTO is a putting analysis system composed of high accuracy sensors and associated software. CAPTO offers analysis in real time, indoor, outdoor, and in real game conditions.

CAPTO measures over 30 parameters:

Face angle  

Path to arc

Club height speed

Shaft angle

Loft (shaft lean) to arc

Ball speed

Lie angle


Ball direction

Face rotation ° (degrees) /sec 


Loft rotation (shaft lean) ° /sec 

Swing length

Lie to green / Lie deviation

Lie rotation ° /sec 

Backswing time

Directional acceleration

Club Path

Forward swing to impact time

Height acceleration

Angle of Attack

Total swing time

Energy dispersion

Sweet Spot

Tempo Torque dissipated energy


Club directional speed

Forward press angles and time analysis 


Dan Goodes(PGA Professional) has advanced CAPTO putting certication to help you process the information provided. CAPTO leaves no room for guessing and provides the framework for better putting. With over a decade of coaching beginners to PGA Tour professionals, Dan has always embraced the latest technological advancements. CAPTO is the latest in putting technology and can help you today. When asked about improving students putting, Dan’s response “it is the single largest positive impact I can have on their scores. No matter how well they strike the ball tee to green, success is achieved or denied on the putting surface”

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